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Autocomp Management Sp. z o.o.

Autocomp Management Sp. z o.o.
ul. 1 Maja 36, 71-627 Szczecin
Tel.: +48 91 46 24 084
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Train Simulators are created in a comprehensive manner – starting with a design to a delivery, installation and training. The company provides a comprehensive warranty and post warranty service. The systems on offer are original products developed by the company according to original or generic cabins. Whole manufactured  Simulator Software is licensed by ACM (Autocomp Management) company.

All simulator cabins equipment will be matched and integrated by ACM for maximizing the feeling of being in real vehicle and functionality required in tender document. ACM will equip loco cabs with monitor for present indicators according to client wish. ACM has capabilities and great experience to replicate mechanically, electrically and by software any device that is used in a real Train unit.

Depending on the configuration, the ACM simulators consist of the following modules

  • Train cabin with VTM (virtual train model) module
  • 6DoF (degrees of freedom) Motion System
  • Instructor station for system control
  • Observer station
  • Structural software
  • Track data base with signalization and objects
  • RACK cabinets for supply and controlling the system
  • User procedure and scenarios
  • Events and malfunctions module

The ACM simulators at least feature the capabilities in order to reach the following training objectives:

  • Correct use of the driver’s cabin functions
  • Assistance in selecting the new personnel qualified for training as a driver
  • Teaching basic train driving skills
  • Teaching train operating methods and skills in all route, climate and environment conditions
  • Teaching safe driving skills, including operational procedures (also driving with creep speed of 0,5 – 0,8 km/h at loading and unloading terminals), speed limits, existing signaling systems, improving the operational safety; reducing accidents and derailment incidents
  • Teaching speed limit skills along with acquainting the existing signalization systems in the given country
  • Teaching acceleration and brake application methods to ensure power savings (Simulation of brake system and evaluation of energy consumption)
  • Gaining experience in remedying the potential failures in the vehicle
  • Improving skills, refreshing information and experience of the drivers with in-service training
  • Familiarization with the railway equipment and gaining the capability to distinguish the abnormal conditions on line from normal driving conditions
  • Familiarization with driving on real sections of designated railway routes